1 vs 1 Soccer

1 vs 1 Soccer

Date added: 23/03/2020

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Kick the ball into the opponent's goal to be able to bring yourself a high score. Get started now into the game 1 vs 1 Soccer at ABCya3!

Welcome to an extremely new sports game that has just been released 1 vs 1 Soccer at ABCya3 games. You can join this game online for free in your browsers. Are you confident to win your opponent? Your goal in this game is to kick the ball into the opponent's goal. But your opponent is also moving and scrambling for the ball with you. So it is difficult to get the ball into your feet and control it.

Please observe and move skillfully. Fool the opponent to win the ball. If you are slow and let the opponent shoot the ball into your goal then you will become a failed player. Every time the shot hits the opponent's goal you will earn yourself some points. Try to be an excellent soccer player with a high score. Become the soccer king and beat your opponent.

Does luck come to you in this game? Experience yourself more. Utilize all your wisdom to control the ball better than your opponent. Is a game of perfect football great? You can play with two players to participate in this intense battle together. Play and relax more in the game 1 vs 1 Soccer at game ABCya 3!

Please share this game for your friends and invite your friends to join now on the game to entertain together in an extremely attractive football game. If you are passionate about this football game. Join in addition to a few games with similar interesting genres such as Space Blaze 2 at http://abcya3games.com/

Game controls:


How to play:

Use arrow keys,

WASD keys to be able to defeat your opponent.

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